471 - Firm Control Bodysuit with Butt-lift

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Postpartum / Post Surgery Body Colombian Compression Garment Shaper
Part Number: CYSM471
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Achieving your weight and fitness goals can take patience, but by wearing the Firm Control Bodysuit with Butt-lift you can enjoy all the beauty and health benefits that getting in shape and losing weight have to offer!

  •  This happens as soon as you put on the bodysuit and our!
  •  Whether you’re going to the office or you’re recovering post-partum, our antibacterial fabric and high compression are beneficial since they reduce swelling and accelerate healing.
  • The highly compressive design will minimize your waist, give your abdomen a toned look, shape your hips and thighs, and give your butt and bust an instant lift.
  • All of these beauty-enhancing effects are backed up by health benefits, such as an improved back posture and a comfortable fit! 

MaterialIngrediente Compression 
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