438 - Slim and Firm Control Bodysuit

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Postpartum / Post Surgery Body Colombian Compression Garment Shaper
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Enjoy a perfect fit every time you get dressed! The Slim and Firm Control Bodysuit is the answer to all your body shaping wishes!

  • The compressive design and antibacterial fabric are features that make the bodysuit ideal for post-surgery or postpartum wear, but of course the benefits don’t stop there!
  • The compression points are placed so that your abdomen, legs, and back, get full support a slim and smooth look, while your rear is lifted, and your bust gets a visible lift.
  • The wide adjustable straps allow you to decide how intense the push-up effect is.

And now that you can get the slim and flawless look you desired, there’s nothing stopping you from rocking a tight-fitting dress at any party! 

MaterialIngrediente Compression 
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